Addressing bullying
Updated: 1/19/2021
Addressing bullying

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  • I'm sorry I forgot to bring my lunch today, I promise I wont forget ever again. Please stop hitting me
  • You're worthless, you're the reason your dad left you and your mom
  • Are you sure nothing is going on? This is the third time you've been terribly endured this week
  • Something has got to be up. There's something not right about this
  • No, I'm completly fine. I just accidentally hit my side on the door walking out of class. I can be very clumsy at times
  • Hm, you might be wondering how bulling should be addressed
  • In situations like this you should communicate to an adult, whether it's your mom, dad, or teacher, someone needs to know so they can get the right help you need
  • I'm sorry you had to raise such a pathetic son dad. I deserve all of this. Maybe It'd be better if I just died.
  • To get better you have to want to. Nothing's gonna stop those negative thoughts besides reaching out to someone and getting help.
  • If not then your mind set will start to grow worse and worse and all those words, thoughts, and people and what they have said will flood your mind. This could lead to your death in thinking suicide is the only answer to end your pain
  • Reach out before it's to late because your life is in danger and your life matters!
  • There is other things like medicine and places you can go to get help. People care about you<3