Science Work

Updated: 5/20/2020
Science Work

Storyboard Description

Supposed to show what we learned in class

Storyboard Text

  • 'Knock Knock'
  • What do you want?
  • i have a project let's go I need a partner. Come on hurry!!!!
  • This happened because the electrons from my hair has been moved to the balloon, leaving my hair with protons and opposite attract nor are you done with your project I gotta go
  • Ok, so I need to show chemistry through a model. I need you to help me.
  • Fien I will help you let's get the stuff. Balloons, and us.
  • Ok so what do we do now that we are outside?
  • Ok so what we do it rub the balloon in our hair and see what happens.
  • Look, there is static electricity happening. Your hair is attracted to the balloon!
  • 'Rub Rub'
  • Yeah, I am done and thank you so much I learned a lot!!