Unknown Story
Updated: 2/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The invention of the clock that chimes every hour
  • I should let the word out about my new invention
  • I have remade the clock into a better functioning machine that chimes every hour
  • This was the first of Benjamin Banneker's many successes.
  • His invention makes him well known
  • Everybody loves it!
  • all great things come to an end
  • 54 years later
  • Unfortunately, in 1806 Benjamin Banneker's house was burned down, with his clock in it. coincidentally, this was also the day he died
  • In this slide, Benjamin Banneker invents a clock that chimes every hour. This clock was believed to be the first made in America, and it was made entirely out of wood
  • In this slide, Benjamin presents his clock in public and he gains fame. Most of the people there have only heard of the clock before, so they were amazed to see
  • His clock has been chiming for 52 years but, sadly in 1806, his house burned down with the clock in it. This event ironically happened the day Benjamin died.