Short Film
Updated: 2/13/2020
Short Film

Storyboard Text

  • Street
  • Dining Hall
  • Classroom
  • In this scene, the main character is walking with his head down looking at his phone with headphones. The camera follows him from the back and he walks right past the others when they greet him.
  • Crossing Street
  • He still is on his phone and not paying attention to his surroundings. Others are engaging in conversation, but he sits alone.
  • Street 2
  • Hi Matt!
  • Hi Lisa, how are you?
  • That was by far one of the best end to a game I've seen!
  • While classmates are paying attention and taking notes, he has his head down and doesn't care.
  • Dining Hall 2
  • Hey, did you guys go to the game last night?
  • He walks across the street with no regard for the car driving, forcing the car to stop and honk. He doesn't notice and keeps walking.
  • Now that he is not looking at his phone, he talks to his peers and smiles. He also sees the car in front of him and lets him go.
  • He overhears a conversation about the basketball game last night and talks to his classmates. He seems happier when he interacts with others.