Monroe Doctrine
Updated: 1/15/2021
Monroe Doctrine

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  • Hi im James Monroe
  • America should be ours
  • European powers should not be allowed
  • Perfect, Wonderful, Exquisite!
  • How should I start...
  • Monroe DoctrineEuropean powers are not allowed to colonize any of North and South American lands
  • James Monroe wast the President of the United States from 1817-1825. His first Ignaural address was in "March 1817."
  • The Monroe Doctrine is approved
  • During this time Europe was in the middle of wars and had just lost some land. Because of this "The president issued a statement on December 2 1823"
  • Stay Out!
  • Britain is with the US
  • Fine
  • The statement would go on to say, "The United States would not get involved in internal affairs" "North and South America hensforth are not to be considered as future subjects for European colonization."
  • Thank you, it means a lot
  • Check the Monroe Doctrine
  • Why congradulations James
  • Can you help us with a war?
  • The Statement was approved and would then be sent to all of the European countries and their leaders.
  • The statement worked "And served as a clear warning to the European nations to keep out..."
  • The doctrine was defenitley a success and "became a guiding force in american foreign policy in the decades ahead."