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Odysseus Hero Traits
Updated: 11/15/2020
Odysseus Hero Traits
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  • Odysseus was an example of trait 4 (Travels Over A Vast Setting) because he spent a lot of his time of war at many different places.
  • From "Sailing From Troy" and "The Lotus Eaters", Odysseus was both Trait 3 and Trait 4.
  • He was Trait 3 (Great Warrior) because he spent many years at war.
  • Odysseus showed trait 2 (Capable of Great Deeds of Deep Strength and Courage) in "The Cyclops". When he stabbed the Cyclops in the eye that showed how courageous he was.
  • In "The Land of The Dead" his Epic hero trait would be trait 6 (Humility). Everyone considered Odysseus as the "great Captain" but he never bragged about his fame. Instead, he kept being himself and completing great deeds.
  • In "The Sirens", his Epic Hero trait is trait 7 (Faces Supernatural Foes and/or Receives Supernatural Help). He received help from a goddess and she gave him advice.
  • Odysseus can be seen with trait 5 (National Heroism) because his home knew him as a king before anyone else.
  • Odysseus shows trait number 1 (A Noble Birth) because he is the King of Ithaca. This shows the noble birth trait because he is above average from everyone else.
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