Ecology 2

Updated: 6/15/2021
Ecology 2

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  • When animals die, decomposers eat dead bodies or waste. They take in the nutrients and let them into their environment. In aquatic ecosystems, the nutrients get released into the water. Organisms like fish and sea plants then use the water to continue to survive.
  • That makes sense!
  • So you see, if there were no animals, there wouldn't be decomposers to give the nutrient back to plants like sea plants, in this case. Without organisms, things like water, soil, and the air, wouldn't support life. The interaction between abiotic and biotic factors is the reason why there is life on Earth.
  • The Sea Turtle we saw also helps to support life in aquatic ecosystems. If there were no Sea Turtles in aquatic ecosystems, it would affect both biotic and abiotic factors in the environment, as you said.
  • Of course! Some decomposers only feed on certain organisms. Let's say there were no Sea Turtles. What would the decomposers that feed on dead Sea Turtles eat? Nothing. 
  • What if the situation was the complete opposite and there was an overpopulation of Sea Turtles?
  • That would mean a lot of things! The population of predators like Sharks would increase. Decomposers that feed on dead Sea Turtles would have more nutrients to give back to the environment.
  • And since some Sea Turtles are herbivores, an increase in their population could lead to a decrease in Seagrass and algae.
  • Let me guess, their prey like small crabs, jellies, and sea plants would increase because there wouldn't be as many predators to harm them. Their predators like Orcas would also decrease because there wouldn't be as much food for them as there were when there were more turtles.
  • If there was a decrease in the population of Sea Turtles, then it would affect their predators and prey.
  • So, what did you learn today Jennie?
  • I learned about how important non-living and living things help each other survive in different ecosystems. Removing one part of the ecosystem, like an organism, would destroy the ecosystem