Abraham Lincoln
Updated: 5/27/2021
Abraham Lincoln

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  • Long ago in the year of 1860 Abraham Lincoln also known as honest ab was elected to become are president.
  • You might also recognize him because he is the face of our penny and 5 dollar bill.
  • Abraham's childhood was very different from kid's today unlike most children he grew up in a one room cottage house on the farm and didn't go to school.
  • Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky on February 12 1809 Abraham Lincoln grew up to become one of the most admired presidents in the world. Abraham only attended one year of school and thereafter reads on his own.
  • Abraham couldn't attend school because of how much work needed to be done around the farm. Abraham also loved to read he learned to read after attending under 5 schoolmasters during his childhood.
  • Abraham's parents were Nancy Hanks Lincoln and his father was Thomas Lincoln his mother died from milk sickness after taking care of some sick neighbors she became sick too. He also had a sister named Sarah