2 parte

Updated: 6/16/2021
2 parte

Storyboard Text

  • are we right, miss?
  • good morning, Miss, we are the agents who are prosecuting the case, Mr. Carew. We understand that you were the one who called our station.
  • then you will have no problem testifying about the facts?
  • Yes, it was me but I had nothing to do with it, I just reported the crime I witnessed.
  • ok. we will comply with that part
  • I will collaborate, but only if it is discreetly, please come to my apartment.
  • agents as you can see from my apartment you can clearly see through a window the entrance of my neighbor Mr. Carew.
  •  What did you see of the crime?
  • I could clearly see how he was being killed by a man with a horrible looking cane who had been beating him for a while until I was able to scream and shoo him away and he ran away very fast nobody could catch him.
  • mate it is a very clear information but I can't find a subject with those qualities, what could you analyze?
  • Don't worry mate, I'm already sure who it is as I've had some reports of similar characteristics.