Ariel Mermaid by Fodda Azzam 2
Updated: 4/20/2020
Ariel Mermaid by Fodda Azzam 2
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Ariel is the seventh born daughter of king mermaid. She is often rebellious, and longs to be a part of the human world. She marries Prince Eric.

Storyboard Text

  • Even though Ariel couldn't talk or sing and the Prince Eric thinks that she is not the girl he is looking forbut he treated her well and he fall in love with her.
  • yes, it is absolutely delicious.
  • Did you like the food?
  • ohh! No..
  • Ursula tried to stop them from being together until the 3 days pass , because she tried to take over the whole ocean , so she transformed itself to human , and tricks Prince Eric into marrying her instead of Ariel
  • The animals told Ariel that the girl that the prince would marry her is Ursula. Ariel rushed to save the prince from her with the help of animals for her.Ursula's pendant was cut off, and Ariel's voice returned to her, so the prince knew her but the time is late and the 3 days are over and Ursula took her to the ocean .
  • Ariel
  • Ahhhha..ahhha...ahhaa
  • You thought you can get away from me, huh, well guess what your voice is now mine and you'll be a mermaid forever!
  • The King pleads for it to be him instead of her. Ursula agrees, but before king can give up the throne, Ariel, flounder,and sebastian come.
  • Get away from my daughter
  • Ariel remained sad because she fell in love with the Prince Eric and couldn't be with him outside the ocean. When her king father saw her, he realized that she loved him and turn Ariel into a person to live with the prince , although her absence will be difficult for him
  • She really loves him
  • Ariel got lost from me again
  • Goodbye Dad, I will miss you so much
  • Ariel and thr Prince Eric got married, and her father king blessed their marriage and bid farewell to his daughter Ariel.
  • Farewell, Ariel..
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