Making Forces Funny!
Updated: 2/3/2020
Making Forces Funny!
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Gravity, Friction, Elastic, and Magnetism

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  • Curious Timmy
  • Gravity
  • Gravity Jokes? Na I ain't fallen' for them.
  • Ouch! Where in world did this apple fall from.
  • Gravity
  • May the force be with you. So that you don't fly into space.
  • Friction
  • Ouch! my legs burn from going on the slide
  • Don't make any friction jokes. I won't let them slide
  • Elasticity
  • An apple fell on Timmy's head and he was confused of what happened. He did not now where the apple fell from. He did not now why the apple fell out of the tree. He then thought and he came to a conclusion saying the reason why the apple fell was because of gravity.
  • The gravity keeps planets in orbit to go around the planet. In this case the Moon is going around the Earth. If there was no gravity the Moon would go flying away somewhere into space.
  • Why don't magnets have mates?
  • Because they're polar opposites!
  • Timmy went down the slide to see how fast he could go down as Timmy was coming down the slide his legs started to burn. They started to burn from the friction because when two objects rub against each other it causes friction
  • Timmy had always wanted to go do archery. So he went to a place where he could try it out. Timmy wondered how the bow and arrow worked. He then realized that it worked by using Elastic Force. In this case it would be pulling the string back, then the string would be released. The string would go back into place and push the arrow forward to what it is being aimed at.
  • Timmy tried an experiment with magnets to see what happens when you put the blue side and the blue side together and it stuck together. Then when Timmy put the blue side and red side together they would not connect with each other their was a force called magnetism from preventing the magnets to connect.
  • Magnetism
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