The Testing
Updated: 10/3/2018
The Testing
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  • will; Everyman hero i say hes a everyman hero because hes a ordinary dude stuck in the testing which isnt ordinary for most people.
  • cia; hero i say shes a hero because shes realizing how tough the testing is and that is also helping her realize how strong she truly is as a person 
  • Ryme; hero/trickster i think ryme is a hero. i say she is a epic hero. although she does not make it through the whole story she was strong in her battle to leave home,in her battle to pass the although she committed suicide she still passed alot of problems  but she can also be a trickster because she tried to trick cia into eating poisonous corn cakes
  • Malachi; sidekick i think malachi is more of her sidekick. although he also doesnt make it through the whole testing he was with cia for most of her life. they were friends maybe not as close as tomas and cia they were an okay close.
  • tomas; anti-hero i think tomas is anti-hero. i think he is a anti-hero because he comforted and helped cia during all her tough times, and he trust her but he doesn't really get or understand her pain 
  • zandri; alli i think zandri is a alli becasue she isnt close to cia and doesnt really seem to like her much
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