Act 4 Scene 2
Updated: 3/18/2020
Act 4 Scene 2

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  • Have you sent anyone to Bottom's house? Has he come home yet?
  • No one's heard from him. I bet he was kidnapped.
  • I'm afraid not. Bottom was the only qualified actor to play Pyramus' part.
  • If he doesn't show up, the play is done for. It won't go on, will it?
  • Yes, and the most handsome. His voice is the paramour of sweetness.
  • For sure, he simply is the best actor in Athens.
  • So what's next for us?
  • You mean "paragon." A paramour isn't something good.
  • Theseus is leaving the palace and is going to be married with two other couples. If only we could perform our play, we would have made it.
  • Oh that great, funny Bottom. He would have gotten six pence a day his whole life if he performed!
  • I have some amazing things to tell you, but I musn't do so now. Hurry, we have to put on our costumes and get to the palace. Go!
  • Bottom! How wonderful it is to see you! Where have you been?
  • Where are my guys? We must prepare for the play!