jacksonion era
Updated: 4/5/2021
jacksonion era

Storyboard Text

  • Jackson running for president
  • vote for me and i will help the common man!and give you a government position
  • the "common man" voting for Jackson
  • jackson has my vote
  • the spoils system
  • your turn to be in the government
  • horay
  • Jackson promised government positions, and won the election
  • the niullification crisis
  • these tarrifs hurt our economy, we want the right to nullify them
  • everyone voted for Jackson because of his promises
  • second national bank
  • the bank is corrupt, we need a new one!
  • Jackson went through with it and gave common men government positions
  • trail of tears
  • the people from Virginia wanted to nullify the tariffs
  • Jackson replaced the national bank with one less corrupt
  • Jackson moved all the Indian from their home state