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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/19/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Yummy! I love the candy here! :D
  • That's good, because I got a fresh batch of roasted peanuts for you guys!
  • We should buy some new records as well!
  • Sure! But let me get another burger first, their so good!
  • Guys, lets go play in the arcade after this!
  • Shut up Rocky! *laughs*
  • *soap opera playing*
  • Rocky *screams* when romantic music comes on
  • Umm..thats weird..
  • When Harry and his friends were in elementary they would always stop by his dad's candy shop. Harry stopped liking candy and nuts when he was 7, but still visited his dad at the candy shop everyday. Harry and his friends would buy candy and nuts from the huge jars with their little allowance. Mr. Tillan would enjoy the company when business was slow. Harry and his dad were very close and got along with each other.
  • Sir? Are you okay? I'll call the ambulance!
  • I think this scene is very important because this is when Harry and his friends stopped going to his dad's candy shop. Instead they went to the burger place and arcade. They were now in Junior High and had more allowance and were no longer interested in going to the candy shop everyday. They would use their money to buy burgers, play arcade games, and to buy records. This shows how him going to Junior High changed him and his friend's interests. This caused Harry and his dad's relationship to distance.
  • Im here! You stupid bird..!
  • Where's Harry? Miss him. Where's Harry? Miss him. Where's Harry miss him.
  • Due to Harry and his friends not coming to the candy shop Mr. Tillan got very lonely decidef to get a parrot to keep him company when business was slow in the candy shop. Harry was very confused on why his dad got a parrot and thought it was weird. He was so embarrassed to the point where he would just walk past his dad's candy shop and not even walk in anymore. Harry and Mr. Tillan were alright at home and would joke with each other all the time. But in public, Harry wouldn't talk to his dad because he was embarrassed about him.
  • It's so nice to see you Harry..Thanks for coming to visit!
  • One day, Harry's dad has a heart attack while unpacking the boxes of candy. A customer finds him and immediately calls the ambulance. This is a very important part of the story because Harry almost lost his father. Will this be the only way to get Harry's attention and awareness that his dad isn't doing okay?
  • Harry was asked to help clean up the candy shop, while his dad was in the hospital. After hearing the bird, he realized that his father really missed him and would talk about him all the time. This is very important because I think Harry realized that you could lose somebody so fast in your life, and to not take things for granted. You never know what could happen. He quickly cleaned up, and went to the hospital to see his dad.
  • Harry quickly runs to the hospital to go see his dad. I think this was a wake up call to Harry. That he could have lost his dad in a blink of an eye. And, that he should cherish every moment with his dad. You never know what could happen. I believe now that Harry will be spending more time with his dad. I also think their relationship will go back just as stronger. Seeing his dad healthy is more important than being too embarrassed to even walk in his store.
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