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The Rise Of Cites!
Updated: 10/18/2019
The Rise Of Cites!
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How cites started!

Storyboard Text

  • Early farming villages to improving farming technology!
  • We now have a farm but the wheat is hard to pull!
  • Look at what I made! Maybe it could help?
  • food Food Food Food Food
  • Technology causes the village to have a lot of surplus!
  • Surplus!
  • Too much surplus! Too heavy!
  • Population increases!
  • HELP ME!
  • These people have started a farm but when the wheat is in the ground and stuck a young girl in the village starts to improve farming technology by making a sickle. The sickle was used to cut wheat like scissors cutting paper.
  • Big Buildings!
  • With all that technology the tech is giving them loads of wheat. Which causes a lot of surplus!
  • People start to specialize in jobs!
  • Need advice?
  • Perfect!
  • Here you go!
  • The surplus gives families enough food to have a bigger families! Population has increased!
  • The cities have begun!
  • Apple!
  • With so many people now because the population increased, now they start making bigger and better buildings for the rest of the people!
  • Wow so big!
  • Wow so amazing!
  • Not everybody can be a farmer! People start to have a specialization in a certain job. Some of the jobs are giving advice or being a black smith.
  • Apple or Banana?
  • Cites have started finally!
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