Sir Francis Drake's Exploration
Updated: 1/27/2020
Sir Francis Drake's Exploration
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  • As the queen, I demand you, Sir Francis Drake, to go on a voyage representing England. Your mission is to steal goods and gold from ships that aims to find the New World!
  • I need to get tools to help me with my journey. I want astrolabe to help me measure the ship's latitude. I also need a compass to help me determined the direction, so I know which way to go. But most important of all, I need a caravel. This boat with their masts would help the ship move faster, which is essential for stealing. Because of its small size, it doesn't need much manpower, giving me more space for gold. Its small size also helps me sail in shallow water easier.
  • Wait, perhaps I could bring a dozen of caravels on the journey. I could use the caravels to sink the target's ship by crashing it into them. This would make the robbery so much easier!
  • Does he know about he great dangers out there?! I heard that there is a floating mountains that would destroyed ship!
  • Have you heard? There's a bold sailor named Francis Drake trying to sail.
  • On Sir Francis Drake's caravel....
  • Sir Francis Drake received orders from Queen Elizabeth I (Queen of England) to go on a voyage. The reason was gold. His mission was to robbed goods, including gold, from other countries' ships and their coastal settlements.
  • I beg you, Dad. I don't want to sail on this trip even if it's for gold. There's too many dangers.
  • I still have a long life ahead! I don't want to die in this vast ocean!
  • Oh, you sure will sail on this trip with me, and get our family wealthy, son!!
  • What nonsense are you saying?!
  • Sir Francis Drake is out in the town searching for astrolabe, compass and caravel to help him with his trip. It also sounds like he's trying to think of other way to used the tools to help him with his...robbery( even though it sound more like a murder).
  • My crews! Be ready to attack!! We have spotted our target! Go rampage and bring us wealth!!
  • On the target's ship.....
  • Rumors about Sir Francis Drake quickly spread. Some villagers was overjoyed because they thought Sir Francis Drake would bring wealth to England. However, some feared for his safety due to tales about dangers in the ocean.
  • The sailors on board are scared of the great dangers in the ocean. However, they will ignored the dangers because their greeds are getting the better of them. They knew that sailing with Sir Francis Drake will give them wealth; because his mission was to plunder from other ships (especially Spain).
  • In this endless bodies of water, how easy is it to get lost and never return? And who knows how many fearful creatures is in this ocean?! I don't want to starved to death nor do I want to be food to the starving creature!!!!
  • AYE,AYE!!!!!!!!!
  • Target (Spanish)
  • Sir Francis Drake successfully robbed goods and gold from many ships while becoming he first explorer to successfully circumnavigate the world as he is robbing. However, his success in robbing caused serious damage to Spanish interests; which leads to 1585 war between England and Spain resulting in subsequent defeat of the Spanosh Armada.
  • We've got the gold!
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