African Case Study Comic - Gabby Ros
Updated: 3/19/2020
African Case Study Comic - Gabby Ros

Storyboard Text

  • King Leopold II asks that you gather ivory, rubber, and crops to bring money to this land.
  • The health system we brought to the Congo is fantastic!
  • Whoohoo!
  • We believe it's time you took control of this land for yourself. 
  • Thank you for all the help.
  • The Congo was solely controlled by King Leopold II. The King's main goal with this land was to make the most money possible, so he did this by exporting tons of rubber, crops, and ivory out of the Congo and into other lands. 
  • Work! You can't stop until you meet your quota!!!
  • King Leopold II eventually had to cede control of the Congo, but the Belgian Government took over. They ruled in a similar way, with a focus on making money. With this they were able to provide the Congo with hospitals, large cities, and more.
  • Can I visit the hospital?
  • No! White people only!
  • Eventually the Belgian Government was ready to give control back to the Congolese. They helped train them in self-rule, and through all the advancements they made, provided them with a newly developed land ready to be ruled.
  • You're welcome for the help.
  • What? We did all the work not you!
  • While King Leopold II was successful in bringing money to the Congo, it was only because of the labor he forced africans to do. The africans had a daily quota that when left unmet caused company officials to inflict brutal punishments, rape, manipulation, and murder.
  • The money that the Belgian Government's rule brought into the Congo did help to "modernize" the land and economy. It provided more advanced towns, hospital systems, and schools. However, these advancements weren't available to the black congolese because they were 'White Only.'
  • Supposedly, the europeans did help the congolese learn how to self-govern. However, the congolese didn't get control of their own land until after years of oppression and resistance caused by the europeans.