english assessment
Updated: 3/25/2020
english assessment

Storyboard Description

story board about highschool crush not working out

Storyboard Text

  • each night Austin and sienna spoke and asked each other how their days were
  • so austin said to sienna do i know you becase you look like my next girlfriend and abbie laughed and ''said oh really because she says yes''
  • 10 years later sienna and austin lived happily ever after with all their beautiful kids
  • sienna and kaitlin were coming down the stairs and this was after austin and steph had been broken up for like a few months
  • sienna got a messge from austin saying can we please meet up so sienna got dressed up nice and she was jumping around with extreme excitement
  • kaitlin and sienna were in class and Kaitlin said to sienna 'so have you told luke you like Austin'
  • sienna says yeah he is helping me out then all day sienna and austin were talking
  • after 2 month or so sienna still had feeings for austin so she went out with luke and kailin for the day to forget about it 
  • then ding ding ding!! all 3 phones went of they had just found out that steph and austin broke up 'i was said for then sienna said bc steph was my best friend but like i have like austin for a while now
  • then 4 hours later she got a message from Austin say..
  • yeah hey sienna i know you like me and all but like i am dating steph but we can still be friends and all