original myth
Updated: 11/7/2018
original myth
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  • Long, long ago, in Ancient Rome, there was a god and goddess named Aris and Paradox. Paradox was very greedy and took the stars and moon for herself. Aris noticed that people started getting hurt during the night. He got very concerned for the peoples safety. He went up to the Sky Castle to persuade Paradox into giving the light back. Paradox refused to give them back. After Aris got back to the Night Palace, he started to come up with a plan to get the light back. The plan is to go up to the Sky Castle, confront Paradox, and tell her to give the light back or else. After Aris was satisfied with the plan, he told the people of Rome. Aris explained his plan to the people, but they didn't believe him. They said they'll believe him when they see it. So Aris went to the castle to confront Paradox. Once he got past the guards, he headed to the throne room where Paradox was.
  • When he walked in, Paradox asked him what he was doing here. He said he was here to get the light back. After she refused, he tole her on more time before he did something about it. She still refused. So Aris struck Paradox in the legs. They started fighting for the stars and moon. Aris was strong, but Paradox was stronger. They fought for a week straight. Aris almost gave up many times, but Paradox never seemed to tire. On the 7th day of fighting, Aris saw Paradox stumble. He smiled because she was finally tiring. So he struck her one last time before she fell. So Aris took back the moon and stars and released them into the night sky. He heard people cheering from below. He has to take the light away during the day and lock them away so Paradox doesn’t steal them again. That’s why the stars and moon go away during the day.
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