Personal Hygiene
Updated: 2/6/2021
Personal Hygiene

Storyboard Text

  • Excuse, Natalya please wash your hands if you went to the bathroom. If you don't you can get germs in your eyes mouth and nose and you get ill, it is for you own good
  • Henry don't tell me what to do! If that is true then yes i will thanks.
  • Jacob, I need to tell you something did you toke a bath this morning because if you didn't then it appears that your body odor is nauseating. It is bad for you because too much bacteria on your skin puts you on a risk of getting skin infection.
  • Mrs. Williams I did not toke a shower this morning. I woke up late this won't happen again
  • Dean before you present your work in front of the class you might need to have a mint in your mouth because your breath smells off. Brush your teeth it is important because if you don't then bacteria can penetrate the protective enamel of your teeth. In other words plaque. It can lead to cavities and tooth loss. So it is important to brush your teeth everyday.
  • Yes Marsha , I will thanks for telling me and for the advice.