David Paul's life
Updated: 6/3/2021
David Paul's life

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  • you will be an amazing kid when you grow up David.
  • I'm going to name you... David!
  • Come on guys lets go upstairs.
  • Okay mum, sorry for running.
  • David slow down.
  • I HATE THIS JOB! I hope when I get older I can enroll in the AIF.
  • We will send you to a training camp in Rhodesia  so you can help England.
  • David Valentine Paul we have decided to accept you.
  • Thank you so much!
  • Same, this is so hard.
  • I miss my family, this is so hard.I wish I was home with my sister and brother.
  • FOOD IS READY and can you please stop running in the house.
  • Got you your it.
  • Why me again.
  • (flashback)
  • Hahaha you can't get me.