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Updated: 10/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • why are you yelling so much!
  • be paitent with me i have t-t-t-tourettes
  • right this way sir we need to go somewhere.
  • tourettes is a motor functioning disorder More than 200,000 US cases are diagnosed per year
  • tourettes is a mental impairment that causes uncontrollable yelling and pysical movements
  • AH! AG!AH!
  • *in head* calm empty thoughts
  • symptoms are ticks eye lid twitching yelling repetitive movements 
  • Self-careRelaxation techniquesTherapiesCognitive behavioral therapy and Exposure and response preventionMedicationsAnti psychoticSpecialistsChild and adolescent psychiatrist, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, and Pediatrician