Updated: 1/12/2021

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  • virtue 2- silence
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  • Is that a ham and cheese sandwich?
  • das my fav, can i have it?
  • oioi baka, whatchu got there?
  • *grabs sandwich by force and pushes edward down*
  • suit yourself then
  • do it, see if i care you whiney pants
  • *edward stands up and pats the dust off*
  • if u dont stop, i'm really gonna report you
  • *frederick reporting the incident to the teacher*
  • hm i see. It’s good that you came to me and you didn’t fight back. Edward, you see, is a foster kid ever since he was little, so he didn’t have the best childhood growing up. No one ever taught him what’s wrong with hitting others. But since what he did violated school rules, i guess i’m letting u decide his sanction.
  • virtue 3 and 5 - humility and wisdom
  • virtue 4- prudence
  • are you sure you’re alright with that?
  • hm i guess i understand him a little bit more now. Thankyou sir but if it’s okay, i don’t want him to get sanctioned for this incident.
  • yup
  • *frederick comes out of teacher’s office*
  • okay then. But if ever he does something like this again, don’t be scared to come talk to me about it again. I’ll make sure to talk to him about his behavior. Thankyou, by the way, for telling me about this before acting out on your own.