Weaknesses of The Articles of Confederation

Updated: 10/1/2021
Weaknesses of The Articles of Confederation

Storyboard Text

  • Congress has no power to tax
  • If there is not tax, how is our Colonies going to run and function.
  • Ha! Congress had no power to tax.
  • Congress could not regulate trade
  • How am I supposed to trade my goods to other people in different Colonies to make a profit
  • No executive branch to enforce laws
  • How am I supposed to enforce laws to make a fair and just society
  • Good, you can't tell me what to do now!
  • No judicial branch
  • How are we supposed to make decisions for the people and the states
  • Only one vote per state
  • Our States Population is larger, we should have more votes
  • We as smaller States, proportionally have more power now than the citizens of larger states
  • The Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
  • As a warrant, the government shall not have little power thus making the people have the right to reform it