Greek Project
Updated: 1/28/2021
Greek Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hello. My name is Theseus. I am a Legendary Hero in Greek Mythology.
  • I am considered an early King of Athens, and I have slain many. Today, I will tell you my story.
  • I was born of Aegeus, King of Athens, and Aethra.
  • Aethra was the Daughter of the King of Troezen.
  • When I came of age, Aethra sent me to live with my Father, and he made me the Heir to his throne.
  • I began to go off on many journeys with Hercules.
  • We fought many battles together, in which I killed many.
  • I killed the Minotaur, and several other creatures.
  • My name is Hercules.
  • One day, we went off on a journey to Amazon to fight a war.
  • The Amazons were big and scary. But while there, I met my wife, Antiope.
  • We fell in love, and I took her away with me. We were married soon after.
  • They didn't want me to leave, they wanted me to stay with them.
  • We were happy, but I was Queen of my people, and they were angry.
  • I was very happy with Antiope.
  • We had a son together, and named him Hippolyotos.