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Updated: 4/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I am tired of having to steal and be treated less than just because I am a peasant. I demand change!
  • I agree, it is unfair. I wish someone would offer us the change we need.
  • We should have been better trained than this. We have terrible military leadership, not to mention we are less industrialized than Germany.
  • We need someone to help us who will care if we have good leadership and a proper amount of supplies. I hate loosing men because of them.
  • You make me feel so smart, I love that I am the most intelligent in the government. Also, I think those soldiers were fine to shoot the protesters.
  • I agree Czar we should keep focusing on what is better for us rather than the needs of our people.
  • I am so happy to support Lenin take over the monarchy. Hopefully we can finally have our lives improve.
  • Nothing sounds better than peace, land, and bread. Also, no more private property so we can finally be equal.
  • Do you think this Bolshevik revolution will do anything to help us?
  • I think the leadership we had to begin with was poor so it should only get better from here.
  • I hate that I am being forced to give up my throne. Our government is not weak, I am smart enough to handle this.
  • Your time is over Czar. We are making a treaty with Germany and we will no longer allow you to punish the lower class. I promised them we would gain equality and that's just what I'll give them.