life under nicholas II
Updated: 4/2/2021
life under nicholas II

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  • life under nicholas II
  • lol im actually a spy sent to kill liberals like u
  • we are super poor but everytime we strike for more pay we literally just get killed by the czar
  • bloody sunday
  • february revolution
  • революция!!!
  • citizens got spied on and killed by people the czar sent to find liberals
  • war communism
  • did u hear about war communism?
  • the economic system lenin made?
  • 26 civilians were shot by soldiers
  • red terror
  • did u hear about the assassination attempt on vladimir lenin
  • russians rioted
  • stalin vs trotsky
  • i think ur form of leninism is wrong
  • bro we were literally comrades
  • war communism was a temporary economic structure in the late 1920s of russia
  • yeah! it was made to help the red army stop the white army.
  • i bet it was super successful in that!
  • bolsheviks campain about political repression
  • we should fr make a campain based off the reign of terror
  • stalin and trostky became enemies in 1920 because they disagreed about their forms of leninism