zachs project

Updated: 1/10/2019
zachs project

Storyboard Text

  • initail diolage
  • Get a new job
  • Chance now that your older maybe you can get a job to help me and your mother pay the bills
  • Dad i already have a job. 
  • propels the action
  • Ummmm
  • outcome
  • In this scene chance's dad and him go on a little boat ride like they do every week. But this boat ride chance's dad mentions about chance helping with the bills and getting a job other than a janitor.
  • initial diolage
  • That day at school chance found a random grey backpack in his locker as well as a note that said you will become a runner and if i see you were the grey backpack than i know you want the job.
  • propels the action
  • In this scene Its after school ans chance went to go for a run with the grey backpack to show the men who did it he wants the job And after this he became a runner
  • Outcome
  • In this scene chance is returning a package to the man across the street for the secret agency but doesn't realise he has the wrong one.
  • But in this scene chance runs into a little trouble when he overhears something about a murder gonna happen tonight. So chance ran to the man across the street and then went home
  • That very night chance got done with his job and was leaving but saw a lady on the ground not moving and saw she was dead. He saw near the wood a man just standing their but when the man was seen he ran.