The immune system
Updated: 3/31/2020
The immune system
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  • The white blood cell kills microbes by ingesting them. They also produce a toxic chemical called antitoxins that counteract the toxic released by the microbes
  • When microbes enter a human body they first enter the body from the skin
  • Skin
  • But how does the white blood cell recognize the microbe?A receptor on the surface of white blood cells, recognizes specific components of fungal cell walls, and alerts the immune cells to prepare to fight the infection
  • The antibodies produced by the white blood cells find the microbe that was able to get through the skin
  • The process is called specific because both the antibodies and antitoxins are highly specific to the antigen on the pathogen, thus the lymphocytes that produce them are called 'specific'.
  • And it slowly starts capturing the microbe inside it which eventually kills it
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