English winter holiday homework part 2
Updated: 12/29/2020
English winter holiday homework part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Lets see if there is a book on pater
  • No there is nothing on pater. Lets ask Mrs. Montoya
  • She told there is a famous book called The Renaissance by Walter Pater
  • Here it is! The title Andrea Del Sarto is underlined
  • There is a riddle - Look above your fathers name . the answer lies there.
  • Daniel's fathers name is Virgil. He wrote a famous poem the Aeneid
  • We found the book but there is nothing in this book
  • The riddle says above your fathers book
  • Oh! Yes Lets go look what is above the Aeneid book.
  • There is a letter telling about the secret of Granville.
  • Its says to say we seek the heart of Granville to Mr. Slovak
  • Lets go find out what is our treasure.
  • wow! we found a secret room which filled with book
  • This room is amazing.
  • Your father made this scavenger hunt to test our skills and love for reading .
  • we can come here when every we want
  • And read a lot of new book.
  • We solved the mystery of Granville Library.