Colonial Era Turning Point

Updated: 9/18/2021
Colonial Era Turning Point

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  • This is a good book on colonial America
  • In this page, the European encountered the Native Americans in 1492. The Europeans met the Natives in the present day Eastern Bahamas. The Europeans came to America for gold, and to expand the mother country. They got there by ship.
  • My name is Christopher Columbus. I now claim this land for My mother Country.
  • Welcome to our land, it is not yours to take.
  • Tobacco was introduced to Jamestown, by John Rolfe in 1610. John Rolfe brought it to Jamestown to make a profit. He got tobacco to grow by experimenting and curing, until he could manage to get a seed to sprout.
  • In 1620, the Mayflower landed in present day Plymouth, Massachusetts. The pilgrims were governed by men. The pilgrims came to the New World to gain religious freedom. They got there by boarding the Mayflower, a ship. The Mayflower started the Mayflower Compact which is an influential part of colonial history.
  • The 8 Lord Proprietors were the owners of the Carolina colony in 1663. Although they owned Carolina, they never stepped foot on the colony, they always stayed in England. The Lord Proprietors charged the colonists quitrent so that they could stay. The colonists got tired of the Lord Proprietors absence, so they revolted. The Lord Proprietors absence is one of the causes of the Yemasee War, and is a turning point in colonial history.
  • The Yemasee War was a war between the Yemasee Indians and the colonists of Carolina in 1715. The bulk of the battle occurred in the low country. A reason for these battles was because of the Lord Proprietors absence. The colonists won the war a pushed the Yemasee Indians into extinction.