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Updated: 4/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I can't today, it's freezing out and my mom says I have to go home or else I'll freeze
  • Hey Nemo, do you wanna play tag? Its so warm outside!
  • Variation
  • Well Nemo and his mom are the last fish to remain in their family so they need to stay away from the cold so they dont freeze
  • -Not random-Not all individuals survive
  • Mom guess what? I asked Nemo to play tag and he said that it was cold and he couldn't play? Its warm outside
  • How come we don't freeze? And why is most of his family dead? How come he has different colored gills then me? And why isn't his blood white?
  • -Trait is heritable
  • That's because over time out ancestors developed a protein that acts as a anti-freeze and it was passed down through our DNA. Without it we would freezein the cold Arctic water