Role Play

Updated: 9/27/2021
Role Play

Storyboard Text

  • OMG...Look John dropped his wallet.
  • Well Well Well, Today is yuh lucky day. Yuh could buy all yuh wanter, d shoes in payless, pay yuh courts billand even put 200 in the sou sou
  • Remember yuh moral and values that mammy used to reach yuh. Honesty is d best policy, so give John back his wallet.
  • Yuh rather look bad or feel bad. Yuh hair could be done but yuh career could be over
  • ID: Remember wat yuh friends teach yuh in school, finders keepers, losers weapers. Yuh need to do yuh hair.
  • ID, Yes she needs to do her hair, but not with John's money.Superego, You're right, her integrity is more important than material things.
  • YOU TWO STOP THAT NOW.Yes she have to do her hair, but not with John's money
  • Yes Jane, Thanks so much. Lunch on me today
  • Hey John, is this your wallet?