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Updated: 10/11/2021
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  • What is that?
  • Coraline about to go to sleep until.....
  • A rat ran passed Coraline.....
  • The Rat!
  • Follow me.
  • so she gets up and follow it.
  • Coraline decides to go to bed after her mother and dad yelld at her.she went to lay down till she hears something in her room
  • Where you at?
  • It was a rat in her new room though she thought she was dreaming but seen it run from under her bed to her door.
  • Found you!
  • So she follows the rat down stairs. she really got out her room to follow the rat but it look weird it had a uniform on.
  • Home?
  • She gos to the living room and don't see the rat so she thinks abut were it went. Than the rat came back.
  • Coraline wondering where the rat went....
  • So she founds it and follow it again. But its a door she wanted to open every since she got there and when she first open it it was nothing there.
  • *confused*
  • till she find the rat and follow where it went......
  • So while she go in the living room the door was glowing blue so she went for it. So she go and she end up back in here living room. mind you she went in the door and found out she had another set of parents.