Conversation Overview

Updated: 5/12/2020
Conversation Overview

Storyboard Description

Introducing the Storyboard Conversation project.

Storyboard Text

  • You're going to create a conversation in a comic strip, also called a storyboard!
  • This is your final project for this class, so it had better be good.
  • You will be writing a two-person conversation over six storyboard panels. It will be about your advice to someone who is nervous about an upcoming speech they have to make.
  • When you create your storyboard, you can include whatever types of characters you would like. You will use a new, easy website to create your storyboard (like this one). For instance, I included a king and an alien as my two characters.
  • As with other projects, you will start by creating an outline this week.
  • Even though you're not from this planet?
  • I need to give a speech, and I'm nervous. Can you offer some advice?
  • Of course! I am an expert in communicating confidently!
  • Dude, that's rude.
  • Your conversation should use the topics from class on how to speak confidently. This project is a summary of everything covered in this course.
  • You will be writing your conversation this week, and creating the storyboard next week.
  • You will choose characters and a situation to fuel your conversation.
  • Use the topics learned in class as the basis for your advice.
  • Where did my classroom go?