Eyes through a slave
Updated: 12/18/2019
Eyes through a slave
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  • Daddy, how did the united states reconstruct after the civil war and how did the solve the issue of slavery and equal rights?
  • Well me being a former slave, I would love to tell you all about it!
  • Reconstruction was the era right after the civil war. This time was for rebuilding the country, bringing the states back to the union, and getting equal rights. It started around 1865.
  • I supported Congressional reconstruction because I wanted my rights. As African Americans I had to follow Black Codes, so I had to find a job. I started sharecropping because I was unable to join Freedmen's Bureau. So I had to give my land owner a share of my crops.
  • Freedmen's Bureau was created by congress to help freed slaves by giving them work, aid, and food. Its goal was to spread equality and to help freed slaves. This around the same time as the 13th amendment being passed, which abolished slavery. Not long after the 14th amendment was signed. And that gave citizenship to all African americans, Including freed slaves. But there were still hate groups out there spreading hate and racism. No less than a year later after the 14th. the 15th amendment was signed! This gave all men the right to vote. There was social, economic and political changes going on too. People began to segregate us more than ever! They did this so they could still have dominion over us. A positive change was that broken families could get back together. Many southern farmers went broke after the war because they couldn't use slaves so they couldn't operate correctly. During reconstruction our president was assassinated an another one was almost impeached. Later on, we were harassed by Jim Crow laws. Which mocked blacks by whites painting themselves black and acting dumb. Another form of these laws was blacks being portrayed as dumb monkeys. That is my story of reconstruction son.
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