S.S Cartoon
Updated: 1/24/2019
S.S Cartoon

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  • April, 1609: A man named Galileo has made a scoped-invention that allows him to see far into space. 
  • My golly, this thing sees quite a way, but I wonder if I could find something of significance with it.
  • July, 1609: Galileo has made advancements in his research, and is starting to see faraway planets such as Jupiter and Mercury.
  • Wow, Amazing! I think I am actually starting to get somewhere with this thing. 
  • August, 1609:Galileo does extensive research on the motion of planets so he is able to see them clearly.
  • I've been learning all about the existing planets and their revolutions! I just hope it pays off...
  • January 7, 1610: Galileo hikes to a hill in the middle of night to look at the night sky.
  • This sky is am... Wait! I think I see something. There are four little rocks near Jupiter. They could possibly be satellites or moons! This is a truly amazing discovery. Oooh, I can't wait to tell my nation!
  • January 8, 1610: Meanwhile, back at home, the Roman Catholic church does not take it lightly, and accuses Galileo of heresy, along with other scientists.
  • This is outrageous! This has passed the line! What shall we do to punish him?
  • I've decided to go explore Jupiter. The church can't put me on house arrest if they can't catch me!
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