Assignment 4
Updated: 3/14/2021
Assignment 4

Storyboard Text

  • How can I better learn what flying conditions on the METAR will look like in real life? I want to make safe go/no-go decisions
  • This app will help you learn what weather looks like from the aircraft!
  • Now that you have it downloaded select the Student version
  • Selections on this screen will help me compare the weather to the video im seeing
  • Virtual PreflightStudent Edition
  • Video SettingsSelect Data to view with videoDecoded METAR Ceiling Temps Visibility Pressure InformationAltitudeTime
  • For now we will select everything then hit done
  • Done
  • Once you select student you will see this screen
  • Will you be able to tell me what i am seeing and teach me about it?
  • Virtual PreflightStudent Edition
  • Watch Video
  • Video Settings
  • If you want to change those data points later just tap video settings
  • Tap on watch video when you are ready
  • Ill put the headset on now
  • Absolutely I will be watching the video on this monitor so we can discuss in real time
  • Virtual PreflightStudent Edition
  • When the Student has the headset on comfortably, tap "Watch Now"
  • Watch Now
  • Now that your headset is on comfortably I'm going to start the video
  • The weather looks kind of bad from up here even though it looks fine on the ground. There's so much turbulence today!
  • Today is definitely a no-go
  • That's a great observation. Other instructors mentioned it was a little bumpy but this is to much for a learning environment.