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Updated: 4/17/2020
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  • What are the Laws of Exponents?
  • Well there are multiple ones. Theres the Product law, Quotient law, Power law and also negative exponents
  • Example: 8^3X8^6= 8^9
  • Example:
  • The Product law Is when you multiply, you keep the bases the same but you add the exponents
  • Example:30^6/10^3=10^1
  • Example:10^4/10^3=30^6
  • There is also the Quotient law, When you divide and the bases are the same, just subtract the exponents, If the exponents are the same, divide the base
  • Example:(5^2X2^6)^2=5^10X2^12Example: (2^6X4^2)^3=2^18X4^6
  • Dont forget about the power law, The rule is to keep the base and mutliply the exponents
  • Now own to the negative exponents, any expression that is raised to a negative power equals the reciprocal of the base to the positive power
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