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Updated: 1/15/2019
Unknown Story

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  • The main character/narrator is Alexis. Shes a photographer, so I put a camera in her hands. Her little sister, Kasey, is standing next to her. then the girl that all white, shes a ghost. she died from an evil spirit, Aralt. Her name is Lydia. She helps Alexis a lot, the girl (ghost again) behind everyone is Laina. shes Alexis's boyfriends ex girlfriend. Alexis's boyfriends name is Jared. The last girl is Alexis's best friend Megan.
  • In the rising action shes at a photo shoot, and this is where she meets Jared, and at this time Alexis is dating another guy named Carter, but its confusing. So a few weeks later, her and Carter end up breaking up and Jared ends up getting together with her. but one thing about Jared is that, if you don't do what he wants, he gets mad and flips out. but then like, the next day he apologizes.
  • Alexis is a great photographer, so one day at school, she joined photography club at school. most of the people there didn't like her at first, but they eventually all became friends. One person there became her really good friend. her name is Elliot. She was very smart and right about everything. She loves hiking on this one particular mountain.
  • Jared had a girlfriend that died. They were soul mates. On day when Alexis had a photo shoot, Jared came. The other girls that were there, were giving Jared looks. Like they liked them. so a week later, they got caught found dead in the woods. Ashleen and Kendra. So one night when Alexis found this out, she went to Jared's house to tell him. She told him that Laina is killing people. But he refused to hear that. he thought she was the most perfect peaceful ghost (angel) ever. She told him anyone who came between them, she killed, but he said shes just protecting them.
  • One day Elliot was hiking, and she never came down. she reported lost. So Alexis went to go find her,and she found her. But she wouldn't stop walking, even when Lydia went full speed into her. She didn't move. Laina was inside of her. Possesing her. She was eventually going to fall off. But Alexis wouldn't let that happen. so she forced Lydia to try again. it worked, but Lydia was gone. She vanished. Alexis felt so horrible. She made Lydia do something she wasn't okay with. but Elliot was back to normal. Sort of. She was confused. but Laina wasn't done. She came back. Laina was evil and Alexis knew it. She got back into her.
  • She was off the edge. Gone. Dead. Alexis didn't know what to do. She had to tell someone. But how? Agent Hasan. She was a person who helped Kasey when a doll tried to posses her. She had to go to the mental hospital. where all the crazy people go when they have problems like this. Alexis has to do the same now. So she went. She stayed there for a couple of days without doing anything. But then Lydia came. She broke her out of there. She couldn't call Jared because he's crazy and believes something different than her so not Jared. She called Carter. He pulled up right where they were and drove away. He went to the mountains. Alexis called Jared and told him to meet them there. So he did. they had to explain to him that Laina was doing bad. They picked up Megan on the way to help. She called her really smart friend Samantha. She helped out so much and basiclly said that, if he doesn't "turn off the foset... blow up the kitchen". So she went up the mountain with Jared and explained to him that shes doing harm, not good. And he didn't undersand. they were at the edge of the mountain. Sh blew up the kitchen. She... pushed him off.