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Updated: 9/4/2020
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  • Stone Age
  • Me Hungry
  • The Beginning of Agriculture
  • We have started agriculture to fullfill our needs.
  • The Rise of Civilization
  • Because of our agriculture we ahve decided to stay here and build houses and new clothing with what we have
  • During the Stone Age,hunter-gatherers had to hunt for food.The would make tools out of stone giving the age its name.They lived in caves and had to move from place to place to be able to get their food since the animals they would hunt migrated.
  • River Valley Civilizations
  • After hunter-gatheres appeared in regions rich in resources,they started to become farmers.They started to domesticate plants such as wheat and animals to provide food and other needs. Agriculture started to expand to Egypt,Europe,and India.And they think that pastoral nomads carried the knowladge of agriculture to those places.
  • Egyptian Civilization
  • I am King Menes and I run Egypt.I make farmers pay taxes with some of their crops.
  • Because of Agriculture,people started to stay in one place permenantly which is called Sedentary.They started to build houses which caused the growth of villages.Over time they became towns and eventually turned into large cities.This caused the rise in civilization.
  • Ancient Empires
  • The first civilization arose in Mesopotamian in around 3500 B.C.E.This region was located in the eastern part of the Fertile Crescent.Farmers were able to grow more crops there than in the hills.By 3000 B.C.E,city-states had appeared in southern Mesopotamian.Thei cities have been made around temples.Southern Mesopotamians produced lots of clay, grain, and wool.They traded with other parts of the Fertile Crescent.Later on these principals of civilization rached Egypt.
  • We created a writing System known as Cuneiform
  • Egyptian farmenrs would grow crops such as cereal grains,barley,wheat, and flax.The animals they would raise are cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs.With so much food they expanded into cities.Around 3100 B.C.E.,King Menes conquered Egypt.He launched Egypts first dynasty.Egypt also created theit own writing called hyrogliphics.Later on the kings were known as Pharaohs and they were absolute-monarch.
  • Lastly,the Ancient Empires.
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