The Prince and the Pauper
Updated: 1/29/2020
The Prince and the Pauper
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Switched Clothes Scene
  • Climax
  • Running away from the woman after begging and taking the pig from the woman, with the help of Miles.
  • In the beginning, there is a pauper and the Prince of Wales. The prince saw t he pauper and asked him to come in. The prince asked where did he live, the pauper responded and he said he lived in Official. Then the pauper was thinking of how it would be to live in a palace with fine things meanwhile the Prince of Wales was thinking the opposite, what would it be to live as an orphan. That is when both the Prince of Wales and the Pauper shared the same thought. What if they switched places and how the live.
  • Falling Action
  • That is when the pauper and the Prince of Wales switched their clothes and pretended to be each other. Then the Prince noticed that the Pauper had a bruise on his arm. He then asks who did that to him and he responded that it was his dad. Then the prince declared that it was his dad. The Prince then said that his dad is strict but never have beat him.
  • Resolution
  • The Prince couldn't come back to the palace because the guards thought he was the pauper. Then he was captured by the Pauper's dad. He then made the Prince beg which led him to a bad consequence. He them was almost punished but Miles helped him.
  • Theme
  • Theme
  • After what happened, the people in the palace where confused and thought that the "Pauper" was going mad. Then when the Prince and the Pauper tried to show people that they switched places, the people were first confused. Next, one of the guard asked the "Pauper" that if he was the real king he would answer this question goodly. He asked where did he put the Golden Seal of England. He first didn't know but then he finally remembered.
  • After that, the people at the palace then realized that the "Pauper" was actually the Prince and that the "Prince" was the Pauper. Then they were both glad that they could be themselves because the Prince couldn't stand the Pauper's father and The Pauper couldn't stand being the King of Westminster.
  • I think that the theme for this play was to "Not try to be someone else," "Be grateful for what you have" and "There is not always a good thing in every path, or place." Throughout the play, I can see how the play had different themes in every scene because of a person's actions throughout the scenario.
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