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Constitution project comic strip
Updated: 12/11/2019
Constitution project comic strip
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Storyboard Text

  • How much power should the states have? We haven´t agreed on this and we need to come to an agreement.
  • Roger Sherman and Oliver Ellsworth are talking about coming to an agreement about state powers.
  • Should the smaller states get more power or the larger states under the constitution?
  • Oliver what if we made the small states happy by saying that each small state gets equal representation in the senate? And Roger what if we say representatives in the house would be based on population for the large states? I think we just created the Great Compromise.
  • In this scene Oliver and Roger came to a compromise that would make small and large states happy.
  • I think the New Jersey plan is the best for the small states. It would suggest unicameral legislature and each state would get one vote which would be equal representation.
  • William Patterson is trying to defend the small states and trying to present the the New Jersey plan and what it would consist of
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