Funny Horror Story! - Prithvvi Mody
Updated: 4/29/2020
Funny Horror Story! - Prithvvi Mody

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  • One day after coming back home after playing. My parents werent at home.
  • I heard a small noise coming from my room. I wondered!!
  • But I didnt go to check. Again I heard the noise, so got up and went to see.
  • I thought the TV must be left on.But no TV wasn't on.
  • And explained to me that the window was open and the wind was blowing, so that was noise.
  • I got so scared and ran out of the room.
  • I got scared. I thought I saw a reflection on the mirror.
  • I was really scared and wanted my mom to come home.
  • Later, once she came home. I told her.She took me to my room.
  • And the reflection was from the sun.I felt pretty dumb for being so scared.