Julius cesear scene 1

Julius cesear  scene 1

Storyboard Text

  • I'm a carpenter sir
  • Then where are your tools?
  • Get out of here! You there, What's your occupation?
  • That is not an occupation you insolent rascal, what is your job?!
  • I am but a mere cobbler, a mender of shoes if you must know
  • And you sir, what is you occupation?
  • If you are a cobbler why are you not in your shop why are you marching these men through the streets?
  • You seriously just now give respect to caesar after all you gave all you all gave respect t Pompey and look at him now
  • We are here to see caesar and his triumphs sir
  • You cannot be giving respect and pride to caesar after all you did before
  • Go good countrymen and get out of here, go to the tiber and weep until it overflows to the banks
  • Can we even do that? It is the Feast of Lupercal afterall
  • It must not matter we must make sure caesar does not get a big ego
  • That should deal with them now look at them so tongue tied they don't even know what to say
  • You go that way and i'll go this way and take down anything showing respect to caesar
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