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  • Dont worry Moon, every thing will be alright as long as you dnt tell any body you can read minds.
  • Mom I dont want to go to school
  • New friend! YAY! I hope she dosnt the I talk to much!
  • Later in her dorm room...
  • Hi my name is Kinkajou. I was kidnapped by a NightWing once but you seem cool. Wanna' go too the library or something
  • Sorry but I already think that.
  • After going to the Library...
  • Hi onimous voice. Are a mind reader like me?
  • No not really. Any way Im gonna go hunting. Bye.
  • Yes in fact I am. Do you know were I am by any chance.
  • Hello. I'm a spook ominous voice!
  • Give me back my pet human, for I am the ice wing queens nephew, Winter!
  • Oh really? That would explain a lot... I mean, I totally new that.
  • Oh I thought you were going to eat him. Oh and he's hungry I think.
  • Hi I'm Winters roomate, Quibli.
  • At the prey center...
  • Thanks. Im going to go explore now.
  • Ominous voice here. He totally didnt know that.
  • No problem.
  • Oh are you having a nightmare. Dont worry, ominous voice is here to save the day!
  • Sure just dont kill my brother.
  • Hey want to kill some people for me.
  • I definetley heard someone talking about a murder to someone in a dream.
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