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Updated: 2/5/2020
Unknown Story
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  • LAW 195:Not Just!!!
  • Why did you hit me?
  • law195: If a son has struck his father his hands shall be cut off.
  • MY HANDS!!!
  • Law148:If a man has married a wife and a disease has seized her, if he is determined to marry a second wife,he shall marry her. He shall not divorce the wife whom the disease has seized. She shall dwell in the house they have built together, and he shall maintain her as long as she lives.
  • LAW148:Just!!!
  • okay.
  • Because I am sick you may marry another woman but still have to take care of me.
  • LAW129:Not just!!!
  • That should teach you to never cheat again!!!
  • Law 129: If a married lady has been caught in adultery with another man, they shall bind them and cast them into the water.
  • This law is not just because if the father has struck his son for something he didn't do and the father is really beating up his son so what is the son supposed to do just take the beating and get hurt, this is why I think this law is not just.
  • This law is just because it is a win win situation the wife gets token care of till she is not sick no more or until the disease has token her life and while she is sick the man will get to marry another woman of his choice so this law is just.
  • This law is not just because The two lovers should not be put to death for a little thing in that time era they should be put in prison for a while so this law is not just.
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