Artemis and Meteor
Updated: 7/16/2020
Artemis and Meteor
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  • One night, Artemis was out hunting when she saw a girl playing with the stars. She quickly became with friends Meteor, whom the girl was named.
  • When Artemis told her father about Meteor, Hera overheard and became furious. She sent out her messengers to bring back Meteor.
  • Hearing this, Artemis decided to hide Meteor. Meteor transformed into a nightingale and flew into a crevice in a tree.
  • Ares and Iris searched 3 whole days until on the fourth day, they found Meteor and brought her to Hera.
  • Just as Hera was about to punish Meteor, Artemis leaped forward. She put Meteor into the night sky, to help her friend escape Hera's wrath.
  • Now, everytime you see a meteor shower, you know that it is Meteor watching over her friend Artemis.
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