Updated: 3/2/2020

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  • Hey G! Come down! We are going to watch Star Wars!
  • Give me a second!
  • Oh my gosh! I cannot believe she would post that picture of me! Now I will never get a girlfriend!
  • Oh my gosh! I just found the most embarassing pictures of her! Everyone is going to love this!
  • Google Maps says I am going the right way. They could never be wrong!
  • In this situation, my phone is my idol. I choose my phone to keep me company rather than my parents. I worry about what others will see about me when they pick up their phones. I choose to maintain my online image rather than my real-life image. I choose to portray myself well on social media, but make a bad impression upon my parents.
  • In this situation, the phone is my idol as well. Rather than embarking upon a majestic yacht and sail upon the rippling waves, I choose to use my phone to get back at someone. My phone has just turned into a gateway for despair and revenge, yet I don't even realize it. I am too caught up in the screen, that I forget that what I am doing is hurting someone, and is hurting myself. I squandered a great opportunity to be on my phone, and make a bad decision.
  • In this over-exaggerated situation, my phone is my idol. For many people today, their phone is a "second brain." If one uses his phone to look up any problem he needs an answer to, common sense and human knowledge is lost. In this situation, I am relying on Google Maps to take me to a destination. Although on a rooftop of a skyscraper, and about to plummet to my doom, I don't even realize it. I don't have enough common sense to look around and see that I am in the wrong place, as I have never needed common sense due to having the answers to anything I need. 
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